How to become an RTO Officer? What is its merit, salary?

How to become an RTO Officer? What is its merit, salary?

One has to work hard to become a Government Officer. If you want to become an RTO officer, then you have to work very hard for this as well. In today's article, we will tell you about how you can become an RTO officer. To get any job, the candidate should have information related to it so that he can prepare well. After reading this article, you will get full information about R.T.O Officer how to be.

Most of the students are willing to work for the post of RTO, but due to lack of proper guidance, they are not able to get this post and become Rto Officer.

We have written this article to help those students so that they can get the information they need. Let us know how to become an RTO officer? What is its salary, qualification, work, rank?

What is RTO? (What is RTO)

The RTO Officer Of  Full Form in English is "Regional Transport Officer". RTO Officer of  Full Form in English is "Regional Transport Office".

The Regional Transport Office is an Indian government organization responsible for maintaining a database of drivers' database for various states of India, these are called RTO Officers.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is established under section 213 (1) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. It is a central act implemented throughout the country. The Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for implementing various provisions of this Act. This department is organized by the Transport Commissioner.

Each state and city has its own RTO (Regional Transport Office). Every R.T.O is responsible for carrying out the functions and activities laid down in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

What tasks does an RTO Officer have to do?

If you also want to become an RTO officer, then you need to know what is the job of R.T.O officer, what is the work of RTO officer.

1. Driving license:
Is provided by the RTO Department. If you drive any vehicle, then you will know how important is the license for driving. There are some tests of driving to get a driving license. Those who have to pass then our driving license is made. The work of creating this license is done in the RTO office itself.

2. Vehicle Registration:

Whenever a person buys a new vehicle, he has to register on the vehicle to get the rights on a legal basis. It is illegal to drive without a number plate. Registering a vehicle is one of the functions of the RTO.

3. Pollution Test:

The pollution level test of vehicles is done by RTO. The license for vehicles which cause more pollution is cancelled.

4. Insurance:

Insurance work is also done by the RTO. If you have to insure your car then you have to go to the RTO Office.

Now you must be thinking about which post the RTO Officer has to work.

There are three types of posts in the RTO Office. like

  • Clerical Or Clerk
  • (Sub) Assistant Engineer Post
  • Judicial post

Now the most important information which is…

How to become an RTO officer? RTO how to be, RTO of for Eligibility (How to become an RTO Officer )The registration of vehicles is done by a department of the Indian government and that is the RTO officer. You have to fulfil some RTO Officer Eligibility to become an RTO Officer. Direct selection is not done for the post of RTO Officer, for this, you have to first get selected for the post of RTO or IVM. After a few years, promotions are appointed to the post of RTO.

So let's explain you in full detail. Now, what are the requirements for us to become RTO you? Explains in detail.

Qualification to become an RTO

Applicant should be 10th pass to become RTO officer.
If you want to get more high post in this then you must pass Graduation from Recognized University. Both women and men can apply for RTO officer. The age limit for RTO officer should be between 21 to 30 years. OBC candidates have 3 years off and applicants for Sc / St have 5 years off.

What are the requirements to become an RTO Officer?You must first apply. Applying for RTO is very easy. To pass the RTO Officer Exam, you have to take 2 exams and then an interview. That you have to pass.So let's know about its entire process ...

Syllabus of Rto Officer Exam:

To take the RTO Officer exam, it is necessary to know its Syllabus. After that, you can study it. According to its target, a target is necessary. like-

  • General Knowledge
  • General State Language
  • General English
  • General Subject

This is the Syllabus that you will have to study to become an RTO.

Written Examination to become an RTO

The first is your written examination. This test is of 2 hours. Its paper is of 200 marks. In this, various types of questions are asked on the following topics.

  • National and International Current Events
  • History of India Geography
  • Economic and Social Development
  • Environment and Ecology
  • General Science
  • English Language

Physical Test to become RTO

After the written examination you have a physical test. It has to pass the Physical Test. The standard of physical test and the medical test is determined according to the post in any job. So that it is possible to check the physical ability of the candidate.
If you are applying for a job related to security, then the standard of physical test and the medical test is different and if you are applying for other post then its standard is different.

Through physical test and a medical test, that department or institution has the full right to disqualify you. Therefore, the applicant needs to pass it. The physical test corresponds to any variation in the measurement procedure girl or boy. Such as length, chest, etc. and you know there is a difference in the physical test of Male / Female. The male candidate has to fulfil all the criteria, while the woman has a break in the chest.

Medical test to become RTO

In RTO medical test, your knees, feet flat, helix in the thumb, inequality in bones, legs arched, abnormalities anywhere in the joints, chest indwelling, bulging and healthy muscles, good mental and physical health of the candidate. Hearing ability, Eyes should be free from colour blindness or colour blackness, distant eyes and close eyes are normal, eyes should not have any problem in the slightest light.

At the time of examination, the standards of each of your organs are available with the doctor, so that he disqualifies you.

Interview to become an RTO

After passing both exams, you will have an interview. The interview is to be made before a committee constituted by the department. You are checked on the quality base and you are asked some questions. In which mental examination of the person is also done. If the candidate passes it, it is selected. What does the interviewee want to know? He wants to know how serious you are about this post or how interested you are in this job. Therefore, we should adopt the right way so that we can pass the interview.

You must also have come to the question that how much salary does Rto Officer get?

RTO Officer Salary

No matter what the job is, we first want to know his salary and how much salary we will get from this job. Yes, the salary of an RTO officer includes a lot of ranks and it varies according to the RTO Officer Rank. The salary of Rto Officer is very well received and ranges from 20,000 to 40,000 rupees. Note- If you are working hard to become an RTO Officer, then you should do it completely with a target on preparation.

RTO Rank

The RTO officer is an officer of Grade B. This is a higher officer who is empowered to check the vehicle in his area and check the documents related to the vehicle.


You can also apply for RTO Officer Job. Here you have all kinds of information related to RTO Officer vacancy. Through which you will get full help in preparing the RTO Officer. Hopefully, now you will not have any problem in preparing to become rto and you can easily prepare for RTO officer.

Here you know in the information related to Rto Officer…

What is RTO Officer? How to become Rto Officer
What to do to become an RTO Officer
Has served as Rto Officer. You have been informed about all these

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