What is a DSP Officer and how to become?

 What is a DSP Officer and how to become?

Today every youth wants a government job, similarly, many students want to get a DSP job. DSP, whose full form is 'Deputy Superintendent of Police'.

 Also called Deputy Superintendent. It is the post of a police officer in the Indian Police Department, which is very powerful and full of responsibility.

 A DSP officer gets respect as well as a good salary in society. If you also want to become a DSP officer then you have to know in detail about it, like what is a DSP, what works, how to become a DSP, qualifications for it, studies, how to prepare for the exam, etc.

 After reading this article of ours how do you become DSP? There will be complete information about

Everyone wants to achieve the position of their choice in their life, for many people DSP post is also like a stage. This is a post in the police department that everyone wants to get.

If you also want to get a DSP job, then you have to study and prepare diligently for this, only then you can become DSP authority.

Through this article, we are sharing with you details about DSP so that you can get the right guidance and complete information.

What is DSP? What is DSP

DSP means Deputy Superintendent (Deputy Superintendent), this is the rank of an officer in the Police Department. Its examination is conducted by the State Public Service Commission.

The DSP officer is the representative of the state police who gives instructions to the state police officers. A DSP officer is also empowered to conduct surprise inspections, that is, they can do the inspection anytime.

      DSP full form

  •      Deputy Superintendent of Police
  •      Deputy Superintendent of Police        

   How to become DSP officer?        

There are 2 ways to become a DSP officer, one is promotion, second is the exam. If you are a police inspector, you can become a DSP through promotion or you can become a DSP officer by clearing the DSP exam conducted by the State Public Service Commission.

To become a DSP, you must also have several qualifications, eg, a candidate to become a DSP must be a graduate. Apart from studies, the candidate also has to pass certain physical criteria. Let us know, what are the qualifications required to become DSP.

Eligibility for DSP Minimum Qualification 

Graduation: Only those students who have completed graduation can apply for DSP. Meaning, if you want to become a DSP officer, then you have to pass the graduation exam. Final year students can also apply for DSP.

Age: The DSP candidate should be between 21 to 30 years old. However, there is a relaxation of 3 years in age for OBC students and 5 years for SC / ST candidates.

Apart from this, physical requirements have also been set for the candidate to become DSP, which is as follows.

  • Height: The minimum height is 168 cm for male candidates of DSP and 155 cm for women.

  •      Weight: Your weight is decided according to your height.

  •      Chest: 84 cm (Chest expansion 5 cm)

What to do to become a DSP?

To become a DSP, you have to pass the DSP Civil Service Examination, which is conducted by the State Public Service Commission (UPSC). The DSP exam is divided into two phases, which are as follows.

  1. preliminary examination
  2.      Main exam

Preliminary Examination: In the first phase of the DSP examination, the candidate has to pass the preliminary examination. This exam will be 150 questions of the optional subject which is 300 marks.

Main Exam: In the second phase of the DSP exam, you have to pass the main exam, in this exam, you can join only after passing the preliminary exam.

If you clear the exam of both these stages, then you are called for the next stage i.e. interview. If you succeed in the interview then you are selected for the post of DSP officer.

How to prepare for DSP exam?

  • Solve the old question paper of DSP, from this you will get information about which type of questions come in this exam and what is DSP exam syllabus.

  •     Start preparing for the physical test for 6 months in advance.

  •     If you want, you can join any coaching institute.

  •     Increase your general knowledge.

  •     read the daily newspaper.

  •     Get information about DSP on the Internet.

  •     Pay more attention to the topics and syllabus in which you are weak.

  •     Build confidence, think that you can do it.

  •     Get help from any of your friends or knowledge who are preparing for DSP.

What is the salary of DSP?

A DSP is given a very good salary and other allowances. A DSP officer gets 9300 -34800 pay band and grade pay 5400. If you talk about the average salary per year of a DSP officer, it can be up to ₹ 1,198,309. From this, we can say that a DSP officer gets a respectable salary.

Apart from the salary, the DSP officer is given many other facilities like the government, about which you can learn by reading the benefits of becoming a DSP.

Benefits of Becoming a DSP Officer

  • A DSP officer is given a residence facility at no cost, rent by the government.

  •      The DSP officer is also given a security guard and a domestic servant on behalf of the government.

  •      An official vehicle along with the driver's facility is also provided.

  •      Free electricity

  •      Free telephone connection

  •      Pension etc.

Apart from such a good salary and free services, a DSP officer is also respected everywhere in society. Apart from this, DSP is promoted because of its good works.


So, friends, in this article we told you about DSP officer. Like, what is DSP, what is the job of DSP, how to become a DSP officer, qualification for it, how to prepare for the exam, DSP full form, what to do to become a DSP officer, etc. Also, we told you about the advantages of becoming a DSP and the salary of a DSP officer.

We hope that after reading this article till the end, you will have got good information about the DSP officer. Apart from this, if you still have any questions or suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comments.

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