What are the types of visas? - Types of VISA

What are the types of visas? - Types of VISA 

A visa is a document that officially permits a person to enter or leave another country. If a citizen of another country wants to go to our country or a citizen of India, then a visa is required for this. The visa also basically reflects the nationality of the person moving to another country.

Types of VISA  - For a person coming from any other country, VISA would be a permit letter that gives you a permit that you can live in another country. But it depends on your VISA that you How many days can stay in another country. Or what you can do in that country. There are many types of visas, which also tell which VISA will be used for which work. Visa's full form is V = Visitors I = International S = Stay A = Admission. If you also want to go to another country, then you will also need a visa, but some countries are also there, you can go without a VISA. But there are some VISAs with the help of which you can go to many countries, only with the help of that VISA alone it is called Common VISA. India also allows people from Bhutan and Nepal to visit without visas. But when coming to India from another country instead of their country, these people will need a passport.

What is the type of VISA
  • Transit visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • On-Arrival Visa
  • Partner visa
  • Student visa
  • Working visa
  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Journalist Visa
  • Marriage visa
  • Immigrant Visa

1. Transit Visa - This visa is given to those who want to come to any country on an hourly basis. This visa is considered valid for 72 hours only. Also, while applying, you have to show the Confirm Return Ticket.

2. Tourist Visa - These visas are taken to travel to another country. You cannot do anything other than to travel there. Saudi Arabia started giving a tourist visa from 2004. However, before that, he used to issue pilgrimage visas for Haj pilgrims.

3. Business Visa - This Vis is given to those people who want to do business in another country. To get this visa, a proposal letter showing the business of that person has to be shown. Also, you have to tell where they will do their business and they will get their expenses from Kanha. These visas are valid for 6 months to 10 years. This can include any confirmed job and work visa for it. can be taken.

4. On-Arrival Visa - It is also necessary to have a visa in advance as the immigration department of your country checks it before boarding the flight. The Indian government has also made several changes regarding visas recently. Visa On Arrival has also been named as E-Tourist Visa. Now, people coming to India can apply for E-Tourist Visa from their country instead of coming to India.

5. Student Visa - This visa is required to study higher in another country, and only students can apply for this visa. And this visa is according to the Validation Institute. There are other visas which are taken for one or the other work.

6. Marriage Visa - This visa is issued for a fixed time. Suppose, if an Indian wants to marry an American girl, then he can call her in India to get married and in that case, that girl will have to go to Indian Embassy in the US and apply for a marriage visa.

7. Immigrant Visa - It is given in a condition when a person wants to settle in another country. This is only for single journeys, that is, when you are sure that another country is ready to give immigration, then only a visa is granted.

Visa application may be rejected if

1. Any incorrect information is given in the application
2. There is a criminal record of the applicant or a case pending on it
3. Is there any threat to the safety
4. His image or relationship should not be good in his country
5. He wants to settle in the country and has not applied for an immigrant or work visa
6. Visa-seeking person does not have a valid reason for traveling
7. There are no lawful and legal means of income
8. There is no arrangement to stay in the country he is going to
9. There is no health or travel insurance for travel and stay in another country (in certain cases).
10. Have applied for a visa on very short notice
11. Even before that the visa application has been rejected and the reason for the rejections has not been removed.
12. The relationship between your country and your country should not be good
13. Have a contagious disease like TB
14. Break Visa or Immigration Rules Before
15. Passport to expire very soon
16. Have not used a previously issued visa without assigning any reason

How to apply for Visa? You need a sponsor to apply for Visa. For example, if you apply for a tourist visa, you can take the help of a tourist agency or you can apply online for Visa (Makemytrip, Yatra.Com) or Delhi You can get it by applying for Visa from Embassy. Countries like the United Kingdom (UK), USA (USA), and Australia have entrusted visa application work in India to VFS Global Services.

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